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Environmental Science 400 (SES400)

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The Course:

Do you care about the quality of our environment, the supply of natural resources and want to preserve the world we live in? If so, then study environmental science and learn more about the conditions of our environment and the science behind its interactions. It is a one semester course that focuses on the diversity in ecosystems, understanding populations, water and land sustainability, energy resources, and the complexity of human impact on the environment and the influence of the environment on humans. Environmental science is an interdisciplinary unit that incorporates biological, physical and chemical sciences relating to organisms and their environment. This is also an excellent complimentary unit for students intending to undertake VCE studies in Chemistry, Biology or Environmental Science.

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Learning and Assessment Activities

This subject will involve study in a number of areas and a number of practical tasks based on the topics covered. 

These units lead to

This subject can lead into the VCE subjects: Environmental Science, Agricultural Science, Chemistry and Biology.

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* 128 page workbook

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