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Forensic Science 300 (SFS300)

Students say...

The pracs were really good, more fun that I thought - Jayden

I learned a lot about DNA and how it is used in investigations - Lucy

Lifting fingerprints was harder than I thought - Sam


The Course:

This subject is a Science elective designed to broaden students scientific knowledge and investigative skills. In Forensic science, students develop skills through case studies with hands on investigations into DNA profiling, fingerprinting, blood spatter anaylsis, hair and fibre abalysus and chemical and physical identification of unknown evidence. Students will learn the basics of crime scene identification, and are challenged through deductive reasoning and clear thinking exercises.

This unit will focus on...

We cover a range of areas including Anthropometry (Bones), Fingerprinting, DNA, Blood analysis, Hair and Fibre analysis, Entomology, Impressions (cast making) and Investigative and problem solving skills.

Learning and Assessment Activities

Lots of practical activities and problem solving. Culminates with a major investigation: Who killed Van Goof.

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For further information see...

Mr Russell or Mrs Pilgrim-Cayzer

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