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Psychology In Action 400 (SPS400)

Students say...

"I really enjoyed analysing other people's personalities and working out my own"- Taylah. 

"It was cool to do the psych experiments...they were a bit different, but they were fun." Brooke

The Course:

This unit is designed for students who are interested in VCE Psychology.

This unit introduces students to the study of Psychology and the way Psychologists develop an understanding of the way people think, feel and behave. The focus will be the introduction to psychology and personal development.

Topics include: an introduction to psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology & forensic psychology. As well as participating in and reporting a number of activities and experiments, students will develop their understanding of the scientific way psychologists investigate real life issues.

This unit will focus on...

How to use the Scientific Method to examine behaviour.

How psychology is applied in real world situations like forensics, development of children.

How mental illness can impact on a person.

Learning and Assessment Activities

These units lead to

VCE Psychology (but not a pre-requisite).

A better understanding of yourself and other people. 

Special considerations

We will study mental illness. This will be covered with tact and consideration.

Costs involved


Materials required

* Psychology in Action (approx $50)  * 128 page workbook  * USB  *Headphones

For further information see...

See Ms Rieschieck

Study design link