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Science 200 (SSC200)

Students say...

Rocks ROCK! - Lily

Bending light and seeing all the colours was really cool - Troy

We are made up of 75 trillion cells - MIND BLOWN! - Kasey


The Course:

With Science, we can learn and understand more about our natural and physical environment. This subject covers the four main areas of Science: Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Space and Physics, and forms a foundation for future study. You will design and perform experiments and demonstrate understanding of a range of scientific concepts in a variety of ways. In this subject, you will learn about cells and cellular organisms; elements and physical & chemical change; the formation, structure and weathering of rocks; and the use, storage and transmision of energy, and a particular focus on sound and light. 

This unit will focus on...

Learning and Assessment Activities

Performance Tasks are used to determine progress and achievement. Tasks include: experiments, presentations, analysis activities, online learning, topics tests, Moodle quizzes and an exam at the end of each Semester. 

These units lead to

This Subject leads to further studies of Science in Year 9 & 10, and opens access to Science electives at those Year levels also. Students can continue with Science studies into VCE.

Special considerations

Costs involved

Incursion - approximately $15 

Materials required

For further information see...

For further information see Mr Bohni. 

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