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Science 400 (SSC400)

Students say...

"The Genetics unit was interesting. Who'd have thought all living things are related. DNA is in every living thing." Joel

"I like Chemistry. It's good to know a bit about the elements that make up everything; including us." Kate. 

The Course:

With Science we can learn and understand more about our natural and physical environment. This is the Year 10 compulsory unit and it involves the study of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. You will design and perform experiments and demonstrate understanding of a range of scientific concepts in a variety of ways, including the use of ICT. The topics you will explore include: * DNA and Genes * Chemical Equations & Reactions * Force & Motion

This unit will focus on...

Learning and Assessment Activities

DNA extraction.

Measuring speed and reaction time. 

Chemical reactions pracs. 

These units lead to

Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Psychology and Agriculture in VCE

Note: If you want to do Chemistry or Physics in Year 11 you are strongly recomended to do Science for Scientists in addition to this unit. 

Special considerations

Costs involved

Materials required

* 128 page workbook

* Headphones

* Subscription to Education Perfect (online)


For further information see...

Study design link