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Science for Scientists 500 (SSF500)

Students say...

"The organic chemistry and physics we learnt in this subject has been really useful in Year 12. Students who did not do it have missed out." Dane


"The Global warming unit was valuable as it gave you a good understanding of the science behind the issues." Shannon. 


"It was good. Memorable but useful. Evolution was interesting." Dylan

The Course:

Do you like Science? If so, then you will love this elective. This unit complements and completes the study of Year 10 Science and helps prepare students who are planning to continue with VCE science (Chemistry, Physics and Biology). The following topics are studied: * Chemical Reactions * Radioactivity * Evolution * Energy and *Global Warming

This unit will focus on...

Science and scientific thinking. 

Learning and Assessment Activities

Lots of theory taught at a reasonably high level and pace but then we do extended experimental investigations which are three lesson pracs. 

These units lead to

If you plan on studying Chemistry or Physics in VCE you should do this unit. 

Special considerations

Not the unit for you if you are not prepared to work hard. 

Costs involved

Materials required

* 128 page workbook


For further information see...

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