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App Design 400 (TAD400)

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App Design is a subject that has been created to cater for the ever demanding world of Apps available on all Iphones and Androids. Apps provide the end-user with information, a fun activity/game or a service at just the press of an icon. Ever been looking for an App and can't find it? Well, now you can create it for yourself and if you find a niche market have the potential to make a lot of money!! This course will involve getting in the world of programming and web development. The relatively easy to use software of Ionic will be the basis of this course.

This course will explore how to manage and create interactive solutions for sharing ideas or information, taking into account the social contexts and legal responsibilities.

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Completing the 8/9 Digital Imaging or 8/9 Software Development will give you a great lead in with understanding some core knowledge and skills. It is not compulsory to have completed either of the 8/9 subjects.

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Netbook & USB 

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Mr Cosstick 

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