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PDT Automotive 300 (TAU300)

Students say...

This is subject is awesome, I understand how a car works now.

I learnt so much useful stuff

The Course:

This subject will include completing investigations, research and designing solutions. You will get your hands dirty in this subject learning the basics from how to change a tyre safely to understanding the systems in a range of vehicles. The prac work in this subject will be done individually and in teams. Possible projects include constructing and racing a CO2 Dragster, and doing practical tasks including engine disassembly/assembly, auto electrics, panel work and diagnostics. You will be introduced to plenty of new tools, skills and techniques. You can expect to get lots of opportunities to develop knowledge of how an engine actually works. The course is broken down into 50% practical and 50% theory.

This unit will focus on...

Learning and Assessment Activities

CO2 Dragster

Alternative Fuels Investigation

2 & 4 Stroke disassembly/assembly

Vehicle and components assembly/disassembly

Automotive finishing



These units lead to

Special considerations

There are no requirements or skills needed to do this subject.

Costs involved

$30 per semester

Materials required


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There are no requirements or skills needed to do this subject.

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