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Computer Programming 400 (TCP400)

Students say...

"You are only limited by your imagination" Tayla Brown Sweatman "A very helpful class to learning the basics of programming" Nathan Booth

The Course:

This course will introduce students to the world of programming using Visual Basic.NET, a widely used computer programming language. You will get to build programs including a currency converter, an interactive quiz, a working sketch pad and your very own web browser. You will also have the opportunity to explore and build a number of interactive games. Students that grasp concepts quickly can be challenged with phone App development. Through these you will learn a range of programming techniques, the logic behind programming and how to apply your skills to a design brief.

This unit will focus on...

* Building programming basics using blocks in an application named Scratch. * An introduction to the Visual Studio Environment with an emphasis on Visual Basic. * Programming rules and conventions. * Introducing event driven programming and decision making. * Designing user friendly software interfaces. * Using the Problem Solving Methodology to design a piece of software from scratch.

Learning and Assessment Activities

* Project - Programming blocks with Scratch * Project - Advanced programming blocks (Game development) * Project - Interactive Quiz * Project - Custom Built Web Browser * Project - Text Editor * Project - Simple Game Development * Potential Phone App Development * Exam

These units lead to

* VCE IT Computing Units 1-2 * VCE Informatics Unit 3-4 * VCE Software Development Units 3-4 * Web designer * Game developer * University studies in Information Technology

Special considerations

Completing the 8/9 Digital Imaging or Introduction to Software Development will give you a great lead in with understanding some core knowledge and skills. It is not compulsory to have completed any 8/9 IT subjects.

Costs involved


Materials required

USB memory stick

For further information see...

Mr Cox

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Digital Technologies VicCurric Progression Points (Level 9-10)