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Digital Imaging 300 (TDI300)

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Digital Imaging will explore the elements and features of the world class software, Adobe Photoshop CS6. Students will learn how to manipulate, edit or redesign images in any way that suites them. Developing birthday cards, wedding invites or repairing a poor photo in the future will be a breeze. Included in the content will be learning the importance of image file types and understanding where to use each type. Students will explore the 3D environment to add amazing dimension to an image. 

Students will use their imaging techniques and skills to develop a website designed specifically by the individual. This course will suit anyone and the skills learnt will be used for many years to come. No prior IT knowledge required.

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Completing the 8/9 Digital Imaging will give you a great lead into year 10 Computer Programming or App Design. It will provide you with an understanding of some core knowledge and skills. It is not compulsory to have completed 8/9 Digital Imaging to access any of year 10 IT subject

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Netbook & USB 

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Mr Cosstick 

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