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PDT Electronics 400 (TEL400)

Students say...

"Once you learn the basics you can pretty much do anything" Mitchell Krasewski-Fleming "If you put in the effort it is really easy and enjoyable" Anthony Hayes

The Course:

This course is the beginning of future career. You will use professional software to create your own customised designs that you will fabricate with the schools very own 3D printers. Basic electrical theory and concepts will be taught through practical applications/simulations. You will have access to micro-controllers and learn some basic programming skills to control your own circuits. This is the start of automation where there is no limit to what you can create. You will gain skills in metal fabrication, including how to solder and strip wire to build LED cube and electronic dice to name a few. The course has a practical and theory component. This course is the beginning to building your own remotely controlled quad-copter, home security system, Bluetooth or wireless controlled car, the options are endless.



This unit will focus on...

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Special considerations

Completing the 8/9 Electronics will give you a great lead in with understanding some core knowledge and skills. It is not compulsory to have completed 8/9 Electronics.

Costs involved

$55 per semester for the purchase of electronic components, metal products, 3D printing supplies and the safety package.

Materials required

Netbook & USB

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Mr Cosstick

Study design link

Materials & Technology VicCurric Progression Points (Level 9-10) http://victoriancurriculum.vcaa.vic.edu.au/technologies/design-and-technologies/curriculum/f-10#level=9-10