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Engineering Workshop Practices 400 (TEW400)

Students say...

"Once you learn the basics you can pretty much do anything" "I loved using the lathes to make my amazing hammer"

The Course:

This unit provides you with an introduction to some of the common technology associated with metal fabrication including Arc welding, Mig welding, Oxy welding and plasma cutting Lathe and machine practice. You will learn to use the design process and develop a design brief for an item of household furniture, develop a range of design alternatives, sequence and plan production stages, safely and efficiently construct your project, evaluate and suggest possible modifications to the finished product during the unit. You will also become aware of and use Design elements and principles in your creations.

This unit will focus on...

* develop a design brief * use selected tools, equipment and materials safely * be familiar with basic oxy cutting skills * be familiar with Lathe skills * be familiar with metal folding * set up and close down the welding set * use time effectively * design a project and solve problems associated with it. * be familiar with the basics of arc and Mig welding * present information in a clear and comprehensive manner through drawing and writing * express a range of ideas and choose the best

Learning and Assessment Activities

* Project - Design process * Project - Metal Hammer * Project - Metal Tool Box * Project - Metal Bench Vice * Exam

These units lead to

* Metal Trades * VCE Systems Engineering Units 1-4 * VCE Product Design Technology Units 1-4

Special considerations

Completing the 8/9 Metalwork will give you a great lead in with understanding some core knowledge and skills. It is not compulsory to have completed 8/9 Metalwork.

Costs involved

$50 per semester for materials

Materials required


For further information see...

Mr Stein

Study design link

Materials & Technology AusVELS Progression Points (Level 9-10) http://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au/Documents/auscurric/progressionpoints/DCTProgressionPoints.pdf