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11 VCE Computing (11TCO1)

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The Course

VCE Computing provides students with opportunities to acquire and apply knowledge and skills to use digital systems efficiently and effectively when creating digital solutions both individually and as part of a network.


Unit 1 Topics

Unit 1 has a focus on the following three areas of study:

  • Data and Graphic solutions

In this unit students will gather data based on a research question of their choosing. They will then use graphics packages to present their findings visually.

  • Networks

In this unit students will learn how computer networks function and then recommend a network based on a client's needs.

  • Collaboration and Communication

In this unit students produce a website as part of a team based on issues in the world of IT.

Unit 2 Topics

Unit 2 has a focus on the following three areas of study:

  •  Programming

Students explore learn how to create computer programs using the language Visual Basic. They then create a folio of software for assessment.

  • Data Analysis and Visualisation

Students gain practice looking at large data repositories online and then creating infographics based on what they find.

  • Data Managment

Students will learn how to use a database management system.

Learning and Assessment Activities

Students are assessed in a wide variety of ways including:

  • Case studies
  • Folios
  • Investigations
  • Software and website creation.

These units lead to

  • VCE Informatics Unit 3-4
  • VCE Software Development Units 3-4
  • Web designer
  • Game developer
  • University studies in Information Technology

Special considerations

This subject gives you a an overview of the two subjects available at year 12, Software Development and Informatics.

Costs involved

Text book approx $80

Materials required

For further information see...

Please speak to Mr Cox

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