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Students say...

'It was really interesting learning about what the body needs and why' - Matt

The Course:

Are you interested in Food and your health? Then read on...

In this Food unit, you will look at the factors that influence food selection and the role of nutrition on health, growth and development. You will gain an understanding of specific food needs at various stages of the life span and be able to select food for optimal health. Opportunities will be provided to develop food preparation skills. Dishes you may prepare include Vietnamese rolls, risotto and pasta, as well as a range of your own meal designs. This unit will pair nicely with your Health classes and lead in to both VCE Food Studies and VCE Health and Human Development. 

This unit will focus on...

  • Safe and hygienic work practices
  • The design process
  • Nutritional requirements for teenagers
  • The Australian Dietary Guidelines and Australian food selection models
  • Key equipment and food preparation skills
  • Food styling and presentation skills

Learning and Assessment Activities

  • Cooking!
  • Researching and understanding the macronutrients, micrinutrients and their role in the body
  • Diet analysis activities
  • Design brief tasks
  • Food presentation

These units lead to

  • VCE Food Studies Units 1 to 4
  • VET Hospitality
  • University studies in Food Science and Technology, Nutrition, and teaching secondary Food Studies. 

Special considerations

Although not essential, it is expected you will have completed Food Studies in Year 7 and are able to practise your food preparation skills at home.

Costs involved

$95 per semester - students may be asked to provide own ingredients on some occasions.

Cost for prac sessions for the Semester are set at the start of each year.

Possible excursion: Approximately $20

Materials required

  • 48 page exercise book or 50 page loose leaf refills
  • Display folder with additional plastic pockets
  • Netbook
  • Food safe container for practical sessions

For further information see...

See Mrs Allen, Mrs Gorton, Mrs McHutchison, Mrs Stevens, Mr Thorpe for more information.



  • Organisation and Meeting deadlines
  • Working independently and in teams
  • Ability to develop, implement and evaluate a Design Brief
  • Demonstrate skills and knowledge in food preparation and food presentation


Cost = Compulsory Subject Levy for materials $95


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