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Higher Education Studies

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Enhancement studies allow very able VCE students to extend their learning in a particular University or Tafe Institute subject area by completing the first year of a standard university or Tafe subject as part of their Year 12 studies. Students complete their university enhancement study by attending classes at selected secondary schools or by studying via distance education. A teacher at Drouin Secondary College will act as a mentor. Mentors monitor student progress but are not expected to provide students with academic assistance.  The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) endorse the program. When a student successfully completes the university study it can be counted as the student’s fifth or sixth VCE study and can be included in the calculation of the student’s Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR). An increment is added to his/her aggregate prior to the ATAR being calculated; the level of increment received depends on the student’s achievement in the university study. The enhancement study will also provide the student with a credit in their tertiary course and enables them to proceed to the second year of the study at that University or Tafe Institute.

The Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority has issued the following eligibility guidelines for enrolment in Enhancement Studies:

  • Student entry will be upon the recommendation of the principal with respect to the preparedness of the student to undertake higher education study. Where there is a prerequisite or preparatory VCE study, it is recommended that a student has obtained a study score of 40 or greater in that study.
  • Where a university or TAFE institute stipulates prerequisite/s for entry to a first year higher education study, the student will comply with the entry requirements.

More information about Higher Education Studies can be obtained from a Careers and Pathways Advisor.