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Curriculum Overview

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So, what are my choices?

Year 7 students complete a set group of subjects and stay in the same Learning Group for all their classes to aid their transition to Secondary College. Subjects at Year 7 include the study of a unit each of Food Studies and Materials Technology, and a unit each of Visual Arts and Performing Arts.

As they move into Year 8, some choice is provided. Our Year 8 – 12 curriculum is structured vertically. This means that students can access subjects at more than one level, where ability, interest, recommendation and availability allow. The following diagram outlines the standard units required to be taken at each year level by most students.

Students in years 8 - 11 study 12 Units each year, and requirements and choice of Core, Elective and Free Choice Units vary at each level. At years 10 – 12, Free Choice Units become even broader, including VET, and VCAL incorporating Work Placements. In addition, all students across the College participate in a SURFF (Silent Uninterrupted Reading For Fun) and LG (Learning Group) for one session per week.

If Drouin Secondary College does not currently offer a subject that interests you, it may be possible to do it outside school, for example at:

There are also a range of alternative and supplementary programs that our students can access as part of their studies. These options can be accessed by the links to the right.