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Drouin Secondary College - Course Selection

Course Selection Personnel

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These people will be able to assist you in the Course Selection Process:

Staff Member


Kerry Wales

Careers & Pathways Advisor

Jaydyn King

Careers & Pathways Advisor

Kylie Downey

Careers & Pathways Advisor

Jess Dunn 

Years 10 to 12 Learning Leader

Adam Stevens

Year 8 & 9 Learning Leader

Andrew Walsh

Year 7 Learning Leader

 Teresa Fanning

Curriculum Leader

Jayde Werner-Duffield

Curriculum Leader

Laura Croft

Year 7 Level Assistant

Erin Warner

Year 8 Level Assistant

Patrick Dorian

Year 9 Level Assistant

Natalia Gunning & Corissa Rieschieck

Year 10 Level Assistants

James Firth

Year 11 Level Assistant

Brie Brooker

Year 12 Level Assistant

Brie Brooker & Diane Croft 

Arts KLD Coordinators

Sarah Longden & Rhonda Martino

English KLD Coordinators

Rose Allen

Food Studies KLD Coordinator

David Sharpe

Health & PE KLD Coordinator

Laura Burton & Leanna Kotsakis

Humanities KLD Coordinators

Sinead McCullough

Languages KLD Coordinator

Ben Stein

Technology KLD Coordinator

Nella Marx

Maths KLD Coordinator

Andrew Bohni

Science KLD Coordinator

Bernie Walsh

Hands On Learning Coordinator

James Belfield

Trade Pathways Coordinator


Vocational Immersion Program Coordinator

Carmen Daldry

VCAL Coordinator

Jenni Johnson

Inclusion Leader

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Paul Gorton (IT Manager)