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Vocational Immersion Program

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This is a program that aims to improve the pathways and transition from school to work for students who are disengaged and/or have little desire to complete a conventional Year 10 program.

Students will have a program including English, Mathematics, 2 Free Choice Electives, Themes, a MIPS program, VET, Work Placement or Australian School Based Apprenticeship (ASBA) where students are at work/TAFE two days a week.

The work placement or ASBA will be determined by employer availability and the day of the week that best suits the student’s program. Students will be on work placement either on a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday with Wednesdays for VET or TAFE. The main criteria for determining the work placement day is maximising English and Mathematics time.

The MIPS unit will cover the aspects of Safe at Work required so that students can complete work placement.

Selection criteria - students are to be recommended by Year Level Learning Leaders,  Student Wellbeing Team members or Careers and Pathways Advisors. Students may elect the pathway themselves, but this is part of a consultation process.

Costs - There is a cost of $100 per year to be part of the course in addition to the VET fees.