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Drouin Secondary College - Course Selection

Year 8

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In the Drouin Secondary College Middle School, an elective system operates. Students study a combination of Core and Elective Units. Unit descriptions and information on the pathways they allow appear in the relevant Key Learning Domain section of this site. These links can be found at the bottom of each page, or on the Pathways & Unit Descriptions page.

Please note that course descriptions will open in a separate window or tab, once you have finished reading the descriptor, close the window/tab.

At year 8 students study all the Core Year 8 units, these are:

Students then choose a Year 8 Langauge Unit from:

And lastly they then choose one from each of the Year 8/9 Elective offerings from The Arts, Health & PE and Technology.

Students can also study Instrumental Music as an extracurricular subject.

Hands on Learning students study a separate program of Units.

A special Lifeskills unit is on offer to our Integration Students that may replace another unit of study. Speak to the Integration Coordinator about access to this.