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Drouin Secondary College - Course Selection

Year 10

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In Year 10, students access an elective system focused on their future pathway. Students choose the two sequential Units of their level of English and Maths, considering ability, interest, teacher recommendation, past and future pathways.

Please note that course descriptions will open in a separate window or tab, once you have finished reading the descriptor, close the window/tab.

Students MUST study the Core Year 10 Science Unit * Year 10 Science

Students MUST select at least one Unit from the Humanities Year 10 offerings *:

Students then choose all remaining Units from the Year 10 Elective offerings listed below:

(all PE courses contain some swimming units)

Alternatively, students can use these Units to study VET or VCE early access units

Students can also study Instrumental Music as an extracurricular subject.

A special Lifeskills unit is on offer to our high needs students that may replace another unit of study. Speak to the Integration Coordinator about access to this.

*If students accept offers and succeed in Year 10 Core Units as Early Access Units in Year 9, they are not required to take them again in Year 10. They would normally take the VCE subject in the sequence, choose another elective in the same area, or use the Unit as an extra Free Choice Elective.