Drouin Secondary College - Course Selection

Instrumental Music

This is an extracurricular subject that can be taken by any student in years 7 – 12. Students may study voice, guitar, piano or drums. Some other woodwing and brass instruments can also be chosen. The program aims to develop technical and performance skills which enable students to perform as a soloist and as a member of one of the many school ensembles. Students receive a written end of semester report to show their progress as demonstrated in assessments during lessons and participation in ensemble work. Students also have the opportunity to perform at various concerts and assemblies.

Students are expected to commit to the program for a full year. Lessons run for 25min per week on a rotating timetable so students are not missing the same subject every week. There is no tuition fee for lessons. However, there are some instruments for hire through the College Music Department, which cost $30 per term. Alternatively students can provide their own instrument.

If you are interested in having instrumental music lessons, please contact Mrs Stewart for more information and/or application forms.